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Entry #3

Another vicious cycle...

2009-09-23 17:41:23 by spagettio

Not feeling really confident in my ability to FINISH anything. It's happening again...

Going to Uni doing a course I'm skilled and slightly interested in but isn't where I'd like to end up. Started a Video Games Designer course which is where I'd like to be but could make things even more complicated. Trying to adjust to using AS3 and classes by attempting to make a solid engine to reuse for projects I'd like to make (Mainly dancing with camera-like functions)... And flowing through this slowly.

I looked back at some of the very early work I made. Made me wonder where I'd be if I put out any one of them. Sticky Situation 2 (Yes, there was a second one) took it back to how naive I was about how good I was with thinking up conceptions. I'm glad I've grown to become alot more balanced and less bias to my first love.

God! This sounds alot like a diary entry...


F*** This! I already know how punishing the internet is, let alone!

Here. Have a pic of a concept I want to make for Pico Day...

Another vicious cycle...


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